Photography Competitions – Great Skill & Vision Needed When Joining Photo Competitions

If you love telling stories through pictures, then why not join Photography Competitions? Australia offers you a myriad of subject matter (from stunning natural vistas to studies in human interest) that no matter the occasion, you will always find something worth shooting. Today, with digital technology as the platform, it is just about easy for anyone to pick up a camera and snap away then enter online competitions. However, there are certain qualities that make for a skilled shutterbug and these tips are worth remembering if ever you decide to submit your shots to photography competitions.

Photography CompetitionsPhotography Competitions

Photography Competitions – Your picture should tell a thousand words…

The one caveat that you should remember when taking a picture is that it should tell a story. This is something that most photojournalists learn when they are studying the craft of telling stories through pictures. Nobody will really care if 300 people died in a fire but they will when they see the photos and  read the stories of human interest such as those of Mr & Mrs Jones and how they were able to rescue their most prized possession from the blaze which happened to be their dog Sparks.

Photography Competitions – as much a skill as an art

You really cannot have one without the other. Since photography is a skill, where everything can be measured to an exact science (such as exposures, refractive indices, and focal distances), you still need to have a good sense of vision to get your point across. This is why it is said that someone who shoots technically proficient photos but lacks vision will never be a good photographer. The flipside of that coin is someone with a good sense of imagery should always learn the required skills that will allow them to better convey their message or provoke the desired response.

Photography Competitions – Shoot pictures that have a sense of originality

Now that you’ve kept the top two tips in mind, the last thing to keep focused on is that your picture should always be original. Or at least strive for some sense of originality, especially when you are up against hundreds of other photos. What makes for an original photo? It is usually a subject that hasn’t been done to death and is taken in a way in which everything is technically superior, from the lighting all the way to the blending of the colours.

If you have great vision and strong technical skills, there is no reason why you can’t win at photography competitions. Australia is one country that provides a wide range of subject matter for photography competitions that will delight both amateur shutterbugs and professional photographers. However, keep in mind that being having a great eye for detail and composition always goes hand in hand with being technically proficient behind the camera lens.

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