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Writing contests are a terrific way to get your name in print and in front of hundreds, possibly thousands, of potential new readers. They also make great professional credits to add to your writing portfolio. If you’re looking for a writing challenge and want to win some prize money as well, there are many contests that you can sign up for online. However, make sure you remember these important tips before signing up and submitting your future masterpiece.

Join a fee-free contest

Whenever possible, it’s best that you only enter a contest that waives its reading fee. Most publications charge this in order to cover the cost of the prize money being awarded. However, in some instances, writers have been parted with their hard-earned money and the only “real winner” here is the contest organiser. If ever there is a fee involved, always compare the potential prize to the entry fee.

Always read the rules

If there is a competition that you want to join, make sure you read the guidelines not once, but twice. It is best that you follow the writing guidelines to the letter, as word count is really important. Always write something specific and be careful about the submission policies of the organisers. In certain cases, the contest rules will state that you may not submit your work elsewhere until the winners have been announced. Pay close attention to this or you may find your entry disqualified.

You can learn from past winners

If you want to get a good handle of what the judges are looking for, read and scrutinize past contest submissions. This should not only include the winning entries, but also the runner-up stories and honourable mentions as well. After awhile, you’ll begin to see some similarities in style and theme and this can teach you about your own writing style.

Do you like writing different kinds of stories? If you do, then joining writing contests could be your ticket to a storied publishing career. Who knows? You could be the next Hemingway, Grisham, or King that’s waiting to be discovered.

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