Writing Competitions – Your Ticket To Publishing Fame


If you love to write and have lots of stories to tell, joining writing competitions could be your ticket into the world of published literature. While most of today’s big name authors caught their lucky breaks in a variety of ways, joining one of these can challenge and inspire you to come up with your best written work, just like King, Grisham, Ludlum, Clancy, and Rowling did. If you want to see yourself published someday, join one today because a lot of contests reward submissions that are intuitive, creative and well written.



Writing Competitions – the need to meet a deadline

One skill that you’ll definitely pick up when joining writing competitions is working under a deadline. While the contest itself won’t penalise you harshly, having a little bit of pressure at your back will force you to think about getting your writing done in a timely manner. You’ll also learn how to set mini-goals for yourself as you work on your piece within a given timeframe.


Writing Competitions – the need to write a brief

Writing competitions will also give you excellent practise at writing to a brief. This is basically a specified genre and style that the contest organisers have come up with to provide you with a starting point. Sometimes, a new writer will often have difficulty knowing where to start and what to write about. Having a brief gives you a helping hand right from the get-go.


Gain experience and exposure

If you manage to get your work published by magazines or even win publication of your writing, you can use this in the future when approaching publishers. Having your work approved by someone else, opens the doors for further interest from other publishers. Remember, getting yourself noticed is half the battle when trying to land a writing deal.


Testing the waters is always good

Entering writing competitions provides you with anonymity, especially if you’re trying something new. For example, you could be writing on a different subject matter, genre, or for a different audience. Before you share your written piece with those closest to you, you can see how it is first received by a test audience prior to showing it.

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