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Online-AuctionsThere was time when traditional media sources (such as newspapers, magazines, and journals) were the only places you could join sweepstakes and contests. Nowadays, the internet has changed all that by having the best contests and sweepstakes easily found online, right in the comfort of your home. However, in order for you to have a better chance at winning, here are a few key tips that you should remember.

3 Winning Tips To Remember for Sweepstakes and Contests

Never reveal sensitive information

Don’t ever make the mistake of giving out more than your name, email, mailing address and phone number. While most of these online contests are legitimate, you should never give out any bank account information, social security number, or any other piece of sensitive information.

Avoid raffles and drawings

Be wary of contests that involve online raffles or drawings, since this type of giveaway is not legal. You should stick to looking for sweepstakes that offer product prizes or shopping sprees instead. Also, make sure that these contests are run by legitimate companies rather than unknown entities.

Be on the lookout for tell-tale signs

Before entering any online contest, take a look at the website where it’s being advertised and check to see how legitimate it is. Some trust indicators that you should look out for include past winners, testimonials and a history of legitimate sweepstakes. If the contest site you visit looks like it was sloppily put together, you might want to look for another contest elsewhere.

Participating in online sweepstakes and contests can be fun if you know how to play the right way. Never reveal information above and beyond what’s necessary, avoid online raffles sponsored by unknown companies, and only join those that aren’t hesitant to reveal past winners and offer testimonials.

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