Online Competitions – What Do I Need To Know About Online Competitions In Australia


Online competitions are a fantastic way to  entertain yourself while also having the opportunity to win great prizes. If you are new to entering online competitions, this page will provide you with some very simple guidelines that you can think about before starting to enter. It is also a good idea to think about what you would actually like to win. There are so many competitions and ideally you want to win a prize you can use. So use it as a screening tool to help save time.

Online CompetitionsOnline Competitions In Australia

1. Understand which competitions give you a bigger chance of winning – This will be the competitions that less people enter. SO if you see a prize that you would really like, but are tempted to skip the competition as it is more work then others, then that is what others will be doing as well.

2. Be careful with your details – Check to see how you will be notified if you win the competition. If they are going to phone you then it may be appropriate to give your mobile number. Always be wary if they ask for your credit card details and check that you are not being signed up for a monthly fee for something.

3. Read the rules – This may seem boring, but can save you lots of time. You have the choice to rush through and enter every competition and never check details, knowing that is the chance you take. Or you can at least read to see what countries it is valid in.

4. Play by the rules – If you are tempted to break or bend the rules then you will just be wasting your time, as if you do actually win and are then disqualified it was just a waste of time.

5.  Free competitions vs Paid – The odds are better for online competitions with a “barrier”, and being required to make a purchase is one of them. But make sure you don’t mind paying money. One way is to enter online competitions to win a house that is run by a charity, so if you don’t win at least you are donating to a worthy cause.

5. Embrace skills competitions – Online competitions that require so many “Words-Or-Less” can appear overwhelming, however becasue of this the odds are often better.

7. Keep a record – Look for websites which track the competitions that you have entered.

8. Manage your email – Entering competitions will result in a flurry of emails. It may be a good idea to set up a separate account purely for competition emails.

9. Be patient – you are mostly entering competitions of chance so in the end it is a numbers game. Provided you are happy to spend the time entering competitions and enjoy that side of it then it is really just a bonus when you win.

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