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Online Competitions is an advocate of websites that promote legitimate contests and offer great prizes for the lucky winners. You will need to do thorough research as not all online contests are legitimate and information that you give out may be passed along to third parties without your consent. Even some of the contests advertised on this site may not be suitable for you.

We also like to do research or surveys to help competition providers ensure their competitions meet your needs and so they give away prizes that are worth your time and effort. See the form to the right for our latest competition survey.

Please consider the following online competition tips before joining

1. Prior to entering an online competition, make sure that you have a separate email account.

The reason for doing this is that companies that promote online contests just want your email address. Creating a new account prevents spam from filling up your personal mailbox.

2. Don’t sign up for an online competition that requires you to purchase something or join a program.

It’s always best to join contests that are free unless you want to purchase that particular item or sign up for that program.

3. Make sure you check out the privacy protection for each contest that you join.

Even though many online contests and sweepstakes make claims that your privacy will be protected, this is often not the case. More often than not, you will likely be the recipient of numerous telemarketing calls and junk emails. Also make sure you can enter it from Australia.

4. Join an online competition that falls in the category of “games of skill”.

An online competition that falls in the “games of skill” category requires more effort than simply filling up an online entry form. This kind of contest usually requires you to jot down a sentence or write a paragraph or two. There are less people who sign up for this kind of contest because of the effort involved.

5. If you want to speed up the entry process, make sure you use “web form filling” software.

You can save time in filling up the details if you make use of special software that enables you to complete web forms with just one click. Having this kind of software spells the difference in being able to enter 20 contests or 100 contests within one hour.

Best wishes for your success with all the Online Competition’s you enter.

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