3 Things To Keep In Mind When

Looking For Freebies Australia Wide

Things that are sent to you without postage or packaging costs are known as freebies. Australia is one country that offers a lot of these online giveaways ranging from the simple (make-up, magazine subscriptions) to the expensive (cars, houses). The range of free stuff that you can find listed online is often the work of savvy giveaway hunters who scour the web looking for the best free prizes and giveaways that are worth your while. Winning something for nothing is always a thrill, especially when you don’t have to break a sweat when doing it. If you want to try your luck and score the freebies Australia wide that you always wanted, here are a few tips worth remembering.

Nothing but basic information is required

for Freebies Australia wide

If you are angling for the latest generation iPad or smart phone, then you should only give out your name, email, and mailing address. Any other information that may be required should have you running the other way. There are some contest promoters that use these online competitions as a way to draw out personal information from you and sell it off to a third party for illegitimate means.  Although, be aware that expensive tech stuff, such as an iPad, may also require you to fill up numerous surveys or sign up for offers that you might otherwise not need.

Freebies AustraliaFreebies Australia – As Good As Cash

What are legitimate freebies Australia wide?

Legitimate freebies include stuff such as

  • perfume
  • DVD’s
  • lipstick
  • calendars
  • magazines
  • pet food etc.

The more expensive stuff, such as when it is to win a car or all-expense paid trip, are harder to come by these days. However, there is still the occasional company that throws one out now and then. Usually, big ticket items are limited, and you will have to be among the first 1,000 contestants or so to fill out the request form.

Your favourite company may give stuff away

You can also score freebies Australia wide by visiting the main webpage of your favourite companies.  A lot of these are samples of products, given away in the hope that you might go out and buy the full-size version, or simply just advertise the brand. For example, visit the website of your favorite clothing store and sign up for a promotional offer. There will usually be a link on the main page and signing up is free.  Who knows? You could score yourself some printable coupons and brochures that are redeemable for huge discounts with the many competitions Australia has to offer that offer freebies Australia wide.