Free Competitions – Help Yourself And The Company Involved

One way that companies today bring in new business is through free competitions. Australia is just one of the many countries around the world where this selling tactic has been proven successful. You can win all sorts of things, from simple, everyday stuff such as magazines and make up to high-end, big ticket items like a new camera or laptop. The reason why this has been the case is easy to figure out. People love winning stuff for free, and there is nothing better than just waiting for the item in question to show up at your doorstep. If you want to take a new approach in bringing in new customers, giving free stuff is one sure way of attracting them.

Free CompetitionsFree Competitions

Free Competitions – Giving away free stuff will get you a lot of website traffic

When you advertise a giveaway contest on your website, you will immediately attract the attention of contest seekers. This results in creating awareness about your site among these first-time visitors. In return, they will remember your product or service, and easily return to it whenever they are in need. Offering freebies Australia wide is a great marketing tool.

Free Competitions – Build an opt-in list for your site

Most websites that promote free competitions will ask you to sign up for their articles or newsletters. You can always unsubscribe yourself from these at any given time. There are those websites, however, that sometimes have this as an option. You can easily tell which websites these are by the additional check box at the end of the entry form.

Depending on how you promote your contest, you can create a list of 500 to 1000 people or more that will allow you to run an effective competition campaign. Most countries have local websites that catalogue competitions which allow you to place your ads free of charge or sometimes for a small advertising fee. Even though you may have to spend a little, you will still be able increase your market reach and attract more visitors to your site in the process.

Free Competitions – Consider what you plan as a giveaway

This is something that you should plan for carefully when running free competitions. If your website sells laptop computers and you are planning on giving one away, this might remove some potential business opportunities from your company. A person who stands to win a laptop for free would rather take that chance rather than spend his money purchasing it. It may be better to give them the opportunity to win a car or win a house or if that is going to give a poor return then the opportunity to win money is always a draw card.

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