Can I join any Online Competitions

that I come across online?

Before you sign up for any online competitions, make sure you read the directions carefully. You want to be sure that you qualify to win the prize so look for important details like country information. This will tell you whether the online competition is open to anyone or if it’s limited to citizens of that country. Aside from this, make sure you meet the age requirement of the contest.

Is it alright to submit more than one entry to online competitions?

Always follow the rules. If a contest says that you should enter only once, don’t try different names using the same email address. You may disqualify yourself in the process by doing so. Make sure you also check the dates of the contest so you don’t miss any deadlines.

Do I have to give all my personal details when I join online competitions?

You just have to type in whatever information is required. Some online competitions will simply ask for your name, address, and email address. Other contests might ask you for more personal details. Its best that you fill in whatever information is asked of you or your entry form may be thrown out.

There are so many online competitions to choose from. Should I join every one of them?

You should enter online competitions that are geared to what you are good at. Look for a writing contest if you know that you’re a great writer or search for a photography contest if you love to take photos.

Are all these online competitions open to the world?

Some competitions might be restricted to residents of a certain country or state; however this information should be reflected in the competition. So please check this before filling out a form

How do I tell if I won an online competition?

Other than being contacted by the people running the competition, you should visit the website where you completed your online entry and check out the winner’s page from time to time to see if you won.

How much time do I have to spend each day searching for online competitions?

At the start of your search efforts, be prepared to spend several hours surfing the net. Spend time checking out sites that offer you the chance to win prizes online by doing a search with a major search engine.  Use search lines like “Win Prizes Online” or “Win Prizes”. Then check out the first 20 or so entries that pop up, as this will give you a good idea of what online prize sites are out there.

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