Competition Australia – Are Either Chance Or Skills-Based

If you happen to live in Australia, competitions that are chance or skills-based, are easily the two most popular contests that one could find online. A lot of people join these because of the various prizes that could be won and for the bragging rights as well. It is always a thrill to say that you won something for doing nothing. Well, nothing is not exactly the right word as there is still some effort required on your part. If you want to learn the differences between these two Australian Competitions read on.

Competition AustraliaCompetition Australia

Competition Australia – What exactly is a chance competition?

A chance competition Australia wide usually has an element of luck involved. They are technically random in nature, and require the winning entry to be drawn in an unbiased fashion, with all other entries having an equal chance of winning. Remember that these are heavily governed contests, and it is important to be aware of what is written in the terms and conditions. The fine print should clearly show a series of permit numbers from the different states and territories where the contest will be held. These are required because these are usually lottery draws and are treated seriously by permit offices.

Competition Australia - A skills contest allows you to show off your talent

If you join a skills competition, you will need to rely on talent rather than luck in order to win. Contests in this fashion usually involve submitting some kind of entry, such as a story, poem, or photo that you might have taken while on vacation. Similar in nature to a sporting contest, the outcome here is decided based on whether you have the skill to make an impression on the judges and if you were able to follow the task accordingly. The most common skills-based contest you can join is often a words-or-less competition, which will require you to write an answer within the required word limitation.

If you are itching to win money or a prize and live in Australia, competitions are easily found online. For those with creative streaks in writing or taking pictures, there are skill-based competitions that you can join. These will require a little more preparation on your part but the chances of winning are often better. If you would rather sit back and wait for your lucky break, a chance competition is the contest made for you.

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