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Giveaways are always a good thing because if you can get something for free, why pay for it? Unfortunately, not all giveaways that you see on the internet are actually free items. In most cases, they often come with a few strings attached. Here are a few tips that can help you source out the coolest giveaways online. Who knows? You could be listening to the latest tunes on a brand new MP3 player or snapping photos using a brand new digital camera.

Video sharing websites

If you want to find cool giveaways, make sure you check out video sharing websites like YouTube. In order to promote their individual channels, most people will advertise their upcoming giveaways. If you search through the videos once a week, you are sure to come up with something really cool that other people won’t even know about.


Other places where you can get great stuff for free are blogs. There are literally thousands of different blogs that contain every single possible subject known to man. Bloggers, in order to advertise their own blogs, will get the help of a sponsor to promote the giveaway of an item that relates to what they write about. These giveaways range from big ticket items like all-expense paid trips to simple stuff like cosmetic products.

Use your favourite search engine

Finally, search engines like Google can help you locate the top giveaway websites on the internet. There are a lot of different websites to choose from, and many of them will have you filling out surveys, joining other websites, or purchasing other items in order to get them.

If you want to get a cool giveaway for free, there are a lot of places on the internet where you can look. Just remember to do your research and read the fine print when searching for one as not all giveaways come without strings attached.

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Writing contests are a terrific way to get your name in print and in front of hundreds, possibly thousands, of potential new readers. They also make great professional credits to add to your writing portfolio. If you’re looking for a writing challenge and want to win some prize money as well, there are many contests that you can sign up for online. However, make sure you remember these important tips before signing up and submitting your future masterpiece.

Join a fee-free contest

Whenever possible, it’s best that you only enter a contest that waives its reading fee. Most publications charge this in order to cover the cost of the prize money being awarded. However, in some instances, writers have been parted with their hard-earned money and the only “real winner” here is the contest organiser. If ever there is a fee involved, always compare the potential prize to the entry fee.

Always read the rules

If there is a competition that you want to join, make sure you read the guidelines not once, but twice. It is best that you follow the writing guidelines to the letter, as word count is really important. Always write something specific and be careful about the submission policies of the organisers. In certain cases, the contest rules will state that you may not submit your work elsewhere until the winners have been announced. Pay close attention to this or you may find your entry disqualified.

You can learn from past winners

If you want to get a good handle of what the judges are looking for, read and scrutinize past contest submissions. This should not only include the winning entries, but also the runner-up stories and honourable mentions as well. After awhile, you’ll begin to see some similarities in style and theme and this can teach you about your own writing style.

Do you like writing different kinds of stories? If you do, then joining writing contests could be your ticket to a storied publishing career. Who knows? You could be the next Hemingway, Grisham, or King that’s waiting to be discovered.

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If you aspire to become the next Steven Spielberg or Peter Jackson, then join an online video contest that will allow you to show off your directorial skills. There are lot of websites such as YouTube that allow you to post amateur videos and get your work out there for all to see.

Video contests are also sponsored by companies who want to promote new products by offering cool swag and sizable monetary rewards. There’s a video contest out there that’s waiting for your movie masterpiece. However, before joining one, make sure to remember these important tips.

Read all contest rules and regulations

You don’t want to go through all the trouble of filming, editing, and uploading your video, only to find that you didn’t meet the contest qualifications. Make sure you read the fine print carefully before you creating your video entry.

Employ someone with photography and editing skills

If you don’t have a steady hand or an eye for camera angles, you might want to get someone you know who can work the camera for you. It pays to deliver a video that doesn’t feature jerky camera movements and isn’t edited down properly.

Good video quality is very important

Avoid submitting a video that’s too dark, bright, or grainy. This goes for the audio quality of your video as well. You want to have sound quality that’s clear and not over modulated. If you have the means, rent better equipment or try tweaking whatever equipment you already have.

Write a catchy, compelling script

This is the meat of your video contest entry. It will help if you read it aloud to someone before filming so you’ll know if the words come out naturally. Don’t memorize it either if you are actually going to be featured on camera. And above all, go over the script for grammatical errors as this could affect your credibility with the judges.

If you want to create a solid video contest entry, it’s important that you have a well-written script and the right equipment at your disposal. You don’t want to submit an entry that’s too dark with poor sound quality, as this might not even make an impact with your intended viewers.

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Online competitions are a fantastic way to  entertain yourself while also having the opportunity to win great prizes. If you are new to entering online competitions, this page will provide you with some very simple guidelines that you can think about before starting to enter. It is also a good idea to think about what you would actually like to win. There are so many competitions and ideally you want to win a prize you can use. So use it as a screening tool to help save time.

Online CompetitionsOnline Competitions In Australia

1. Understand which competitions give you a bigger chance of winning – This will be the competitions that less people enter. SO if you see a prize that you would really like, but are tempted to skip the competition as it is more work then others, then that is what others will be doing as well.

2. Be careful with your details – Check to see how you will be notified if you win the competition. If they are going to phone you then it may be appropriate to give your mobile number. Always be wary if they ask for your credit card details and check that you are not being signed up for a monthly fee for something.

3. Read the rules – This may seem boring, but can save you lots of time. You have the choice to rush through and enter every competition and never check details, knowing that is the chance you take. Or you can at least read to see what countries it is valid in.

4. Play by the rules – If you are tempted to break or bend the rules then you will just be wasting your time, as if you do actually win and are then disqualified it was just a waste of time.

5.  Free competitions vs Paid – The odds are better for online competitions with a “barrier”, and being required to make a purchase is one of them. But make sure you don’t mind paying money. One way is to enter online competitions to win a house that is run by a charity, so if you don’t win at least you are donating to a worthy cause.

5. Embrace skills competitions – Online competitions that require so many “Words-Or-Less” can appear overwhelming, however becasue of this the odds are often better.

7. Keep a record – Look for websites which track the competitions that you have entered.

8. Manage your email – Entering competitions will result in a flurry of emails. It may be a good idea to set up a separate account purely for competition emails.

9. Be patient – you are mostly entering competitions of chance so in the end it is a numbers game. Provided you are happy to spend the time entering competitions and enjoy that side of it then it is really just a bonus when you win.

For more information on entering competitions Australia based and online Competitions visit our home page

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