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In this consumer-driven age we live in, there are a lot of companies that test drive their products by giving them away as freebies. We can get useful, everyday items (like diapers, books, and beauty products) as well as exclusive and expensive stuff (like cell phones, laptops, and digital cameras) for free just by visiting a website and answering a couple of questions.

A popular market research practice for freebies

A freebie is a popular market research practice that a company will implement in order to test out a new product before releasing it for sale into the market. Nowadays, a company would much rather prefer a customer’s opinions about the product (both good and bad) before the product is sold rather than after. This allows them to work out whatever kinks the product has and spare them from any negative backlash.  In order for you to get a freebie, you first have to be a targeted customer and then you must provide feedback and opinion on a predesigned form containing several relevant questions. After which, you are then given the freebie (product) to test against other similar products in the market.

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It’s good to get free stuff – Freebies

Initially, freebies often comprised of simple, everyday items like diapers, books, beauty products, and household goods were given away. Now, high-tech gadgets like cell phones, laptops, and digital cameras are given to lucky consumers to try out. If you find a website that promises to give you the latest cell phone or digital camera, don’t just walk away thinking it’s a scam. Many times, people just turn the other cheek on offers like this, not realizing that it is for real. There are some cases in which people get cash rewards as freebies on certain purchases.

In order to get freebies, we would often have to go through several surveys and fill out numerous forms with nothing to show for in return. Nowadays, you can easily find legitimate websites that offer attractive freebies to site visitors. So the next time you see an offer for that latest gadget you’ve been wanting, don’t even think twice and just answer the survey because something  cool could be coming your way.

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