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Online Competitions is an advocate of websites that promote legitimate contests and offer cool prizes for the lucky winners. You will need to do careful research as not all online contests are for real and your personal information may be passed to third parties without your consent.

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Before joining online competitions, please consider the following points:

1. Create a new email account prior to signing up for online competitions and sweepstakes.

Remember, companies that are offering these prizes are looking to add your email address to their list of names. You can avoid spam messages in your personal mailbox when you keep your online contest efforts separate.

2. Before joining any online competitions, make sure you know exactly what it is you’ll be winning.

It’s always best to join online competitions and sweepstakes that have large cash prizes. While competition will be fierce, the end result will be worth it. Avoid participating in contests which give away prizes that will be difficult to sell for profit.

3. Check the site security parameters of the online competitions you’ll be participating in.

While many of these online competitions claim that your personal information is secure, this is often not the case. You will probably receive telemarketing cold calls and junk emails in the process so it pays to double and triple check before giving out sensitive information.

4. Join “game of skill” online competitions to increase your chance of winning.

An online competition that falls in the “game of skill” category requires more legwork than merely filling up an online entry. With this contest, you are usually asked to jot down a short sentence or write a couple of paragraphs.  Less people join this kind of contest because of the effort required.

5. Use “web form filling” software to speed up the entry completion process.

You can save time in filling up all the little details if you make use of special software that enables you to complete web entry forms at the touch of a button. Having this kind of software allows you to sign up for 100 online competitions in the span of one hour rather than just a mere 20.

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