Free Competitions to Win Money: Stay Afloat In Hard Times


In these hard economic times, joining free competitions are one of the ways that help keep people afloat. You can win loads of cold, hard cash and cool prizes like cell phones, laptops, and even all expense paid trips. As of late, the internet has become a haven for contest-crazy individuals to try their luck at all sorts of competitions. From sweepstakes and contests to games and surveys, if you’ve got time, perseverance, and a little bit of lady luck at your side, joining free competitions can be quite a thrilling and fulfilling experience.

Of course it should not replace the time that you need to spend on looking for a job. So we advise spend time entering competitions at times you can not search for work in your industry. Filling in free competitions while you are watching TV is also a way to make good use of time that is already spent.

Play games for fun and money

There are online games that are easily found to suit all skill levels. In these games, the winner of the prize money is the one who comes away with the highest score. Playing these free online games can help improve your skills and enhance game play in paid games and tournaments. When you join one of these tournaments, there’s a big chance for you to walk away with a significant amount of prize money.

Free Competitions to Win Money

Free Competitions

These are contests that allow you to win cash prizes. Joining is easy and once you’ve signed up, you’ll have greater access to a much wider range of contests and free competitions.  You can very well win amounts of up to 15,000 pounds. All that you need to do is subscribe to the site and join whatever contests are currently on offer. There are also games that provide you with a one in three chance of winning. For certain, select websites, vendors supply you with 5 pounds to play their games for free and you can win money by referring friends and relatives to these sites.



Who says free competitions are just limited to games? Just by completing an online survey form, you are rewarded with money. Filling up lots of surveys will see your money pile increasing over time. At the end of the day, you will have accumulated a hefty sum from just filling up online surveys. Some of these paid surveys also give you the option of free products instead of cash.

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