Two Major Online Australian Competitions That You Can Join


If you are an Australian, competitions can be easily found online that can have you winning loads of cash and fabulous prizes. There are many people who do this all the time simply because there’s nothing better than winning something for nothing. It’s the ultimate instant gratification solution. There are two main types of competitions that you can join – random chance and games of skill.

Australian CompetitionsAustralian Competitions – Win Money

Random chance of winning Australian Competitions

Winning at a random chance contest is dependent on you entering them and how many you sign up for.

The more contests you join, the greater your chance at winning. Joining contests repeatedly can get tiresome, but perseverance is what will see you through. Remember, most of these contests don’t make a winner’s announcement until just after the end of the month. So don’t expect to receive a winning phone call or letter immediately after entering.

Australian Competitions that are games of skill

This kind of contest requires more effort than just filling up an entry form. In a game of skill contest, you will be asked to “write or talk about a person, place or event in just a few words or less”. Don’t turn the other cheek on this contest because there are always less people sending entries because of the effort involved. You’ll be surprised to know that some people have won at this even if the answer they gave was half-hearted.

Australian Competitions where a purchase is necessary

A smaller kind of online competition is the one that involves having to make a purchase. In the order of odds of winning, this competition falls in between random chance and games of skill contests. This is because you have to make the effort to buy a product that you normally wouldn’t need or use.

Anyone who wants to:

can do so by joining Australian competitions that are easily found online. There are several of these and joining any one of these Australian Competitions can put you on track to winning big prizes.

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