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We do our very best to find out information about competitions (Australia wide) and then pass it over to you. Many people find it a lot of fun to enter competitions and the best ones are where you can win something for free. We are particularly interested in the big prizes like money, cars and houses.

We intend to help you in your search for websites that offer legitimate online contests and sweepstakes. We will provide you with information on the things you should look out for when it comes to joining online contests and tips that will help increase your chances of winning. We also run surveys to find out what is most important to you and what sort of competitions you want.

If you ever wanted to win something for nothing, then it’s time you try your hand at online competitions. These are fun, easy contests that allow you to make some cash and win great prizes with little effort and no cost to yourself. Prizes can range from simple stuff like magazine subscriptions or make-up to fancy, big ticket items like a brand new car or an exotic, all-expense paid vacation.

We may show advertisements from online competitions that we have looked into and we may show advertisements that are automatically chosen for us based on the content of the site that we have no control over. So please do take note of our suggestions when looking at any competition even if it is one that this site directs you to. We can only do the same things that we suggest you do to ensure it is legitimate, and sometimes we may miss things.

Competitions Australia Recommends

When you 1st start to enter competitions you read all the terms and conditions of the competitions before filling out your information.  Just in case you are not eligible for some reason. It can take time initially but after awhile you probably won’t need to read as many as you will have a good idea that it will be ok. It will save you time in the long run.

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The Chances Of Winning Competitions (Australia Based)

Winning a competition (Australia and the world) is a matter of chance and so the more competitions you enter the more chance you have of winning. However becasue it is chance you never know when your luck will hit. It could even be the very 1st competition you enter. You can increase your chance of winning by entering competitions that require more effort to enter as these are the ones that fewer people will enter. For example competitions that require written answers or a survey.

Beware Competitions (Australia)

If someone rings you to say you have won a competition, you should not be expected to pay any money to obtain your prize. There are holiday companies in particular that tell you you have won a holiday, but then require you to pay money to be able to use it.

Competitions Australia’s wishes you the best of luck in winning today.