Searching For Competitions Australia Wide?

Competitions Australia

Competitions Australia is an advocate of online competitions that are legitimate and give away big ticket prizes like:

However, you will have to do some research as not all online competitions in Australia are the same and terms and conditions will vary.

We hope to give you some tips and clues to help point you towards competitions in Australia that give you the best chance of winning something big. We also conduct surveys to help determine the sort of prizes that best suit you.

Before joining or filling in forms for online competitions in Australia, please consider the following points:

1. Join as many competitions as possible.

This is the most important rule to remember if you want to win something. The more contests you sign up for, the greater your chances of coming away with a win.

2. Enter competitions in Australia with fewer people entering them.

Joining these online competitions will increase your odds of winning them as fewer people sign up for these. A lot of these contests consist of a written answer such as “25 words or less” format or answering a survey. People would rather brush these aside and look for free competitions that require less effort.

3. Read the terms and conditions of each contest very carefully.

You don’t want to run the risk of disqualifying yourself from a contest because you entered multiple times when one entry would have sufficed. Even though some information may be listed on an online contest portal website, it’s to your advantage to check the official contest website to verify the terms, conditions, start date and close date.

4. Set up a free email account to manage your online contest efforts.

Create a new email account to receive all the contest details and junk mail which you will receive after joining online contests. This is important if you don’t want your personal mailbox to be filled to the brim with useless spam messages and whatnots. However, always make sure you check your contest mailbox for any win notifications.

5. Save yourself time by filling out numerous entry forms with Web Form “Filling” software.

This software will mean the difference in being able to enter 100 contests in one hour as opposed to just 20 contests in one hour. Just make sure you never use any software that automatically enters competitions for you as you will most likely be disqualified right away.

Competitions Australia’s wishes you the best of luck in winning  online competitions in australia  today.